About KTW

KTW Group is the premier supplier of user friendly stainless steel Medical Equipment. The company has continually grown over the years successfully specializing in medical/sterile processing equipment products. The KTW Group distributes internationally known brands of Medical Equipment. Our business model is aimed at maximizing customer benefits and is the basis of the entrepreneurial success of our business. For many years our customers have been benefiting from our ongoing commitment to top performance in product development, design and production which takes place in an environment of the highest motivation of partners, enthusiasm and team spirit.

We see the complex specialist knowledge of our staff as fundamental to our success. With constant research and response to market conditions we distribute and build high-performance and customer focused products and systems. Products designed and manufactured to meet the needs and local specifications of those clients we service. In addition to this, we carry out consumer tests in our marketing center and offer our customers training courses and demo’s in order to show them the great benefits, the efficiency and the economy of our product lines.

The KTW Group has also developed capabilities, unrivaled in its field, to deliver custom fabrications for high-end installations. Its engineers utilize state of the art design software to collaboratively design and coordinate major projects for clients located anywhere across the country.

The KTW Group is pleased to meet and exceed your needs, just as it has done consistently for years.

KTW Group - Specialists in Medical Equipment

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