Selecta Spray Gun

For use when the highest level of cleanliness is necessary. The cleaning process is quick, efficient and inexpensive, because the Spray Gun uses either water or pressurized air.


  • Easy Install
  • Flow controlled by one of a kind internal flow mechanism
  • Heat Insulated Gun Grip
  • A set of attachments available that meet every need
  • Max water or air pressure is 6 bar
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SSGUN-PHSelecta spray gun hand operated for cleaning c/w PVC plastic hose 58" long (1500mm)
SSGUN-SSelecta Spray Water Gun, hand trigger operated cleaning gun for cleaning tubular instruments. With 60" stainless steel tubing, guide cone C/w 3/4" mounting rosette. Spray gun tips extra.
SSGUN-ACCOne (1) set of 8 accessories for Selecta gun, for catheter valves, drainage tubing, spray jet for rinsing glassware, syringes and cannula, etc c/w wall mounting rack holder and screws.
SSGUN-RTable top Rosette for Selecta Spray gun 3/4”
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