Wall Basket Storage

Wall supports can be attached directly to the wall or set off the wall by the means of spacers. As the supports do not stand or rest on the floor this facilitates cleaning and meets all of the latest requirements with   regard to hospital hygiene.

  • Mounting screws are not visible
  • Supports have caps at both ends
  • Supports are equipped with anti-static connecting pins/hooks
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#ModelSpace Between HooksPairs of Hooks/PinsHeight of Wall Rails
MF4-MR228.6” (220mm)4 pairs37.0” (940mm)
MF5-MR228.6” (220mm)5 pairs45.6” (1160mm)
MF6-MR228.6” (220mm)6 pairs54.3” (1380mm)
MF3-MR3212.6” (320mm)3 pairs21.5” (1020mm)
MF4-MR3212.6” (320mm)4 pairs55.8” (1340mm)
MF5-MR3212.6” (320mm)5 pairs65.4” (1660mm)
MF3-MR4015.75” (400mm)3 pairs49.6” (1260mm)
MF4-MR4015.75” (400mm)4 pairs65.4” (1660mm)
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